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Know Your Medicines

Learn How to use your medications Safely

Your Pharmacist can help you learn how to use your prescriptions and over-the counter medicines safely and effectively.

Head Pharmacist Mellisa Levy Pharmacist Brock Noseworthy

Remember to tell your Pharmacist

  • Every medicine you use especially if you use multiple pharmacies
  • Exactly how you are taking your medication
  • If you have any problems or allergic reactions

Be sure to ask About

  • How does this medicine work and what is it used for?
  • How and when should I take it?
  • Should I take it with or without food?
  • Can I stop taking the medication, or take less, if I feel better?
  • When will the medicine start working?
  • How should I expect to feel?
  • Are there any special directions?
  • Could my medication cause an allergic reaction?
  • What are the serious side effects? What should I do if they occur?
  • How should the medication be stored?
  • When does my Medication expire?
  • Is there a written guide or other resources for my medication?

Please Remember When picking up Medication

  • Be sure you have the right medicine If you have bought the medication before check, the shape, color, size and packaging to make sure it is familiar
    Don't be afraid to ask about any differences you notice
  • Be sure you know the correct dosage and the correct way to take the medication.

Ask today about making a Free appointment to meet with a pharmacist to review your medicines.

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